What is 3Ds MAX?


A 3ds max is basically a software used for interior designing. now the question is why we use 3ds max instead of any other software that are used for modelling now a days so the simple answer of this question that 3ds max is the best suited software for the work of interiors for example 3ds max having tools and commands that makes the object making very easy for the interiors like curtains,bed sheets,lighting effects the list is endless.. other software like Revit Architecture can be used for interiors but the work that can be done on the 3ds max in 10 minutes the same work you cant complete on Revit Architecture in hours and the reason for this is the same that i have described earlier in this blog. A 3ds max is a software that is used worldwide for interior designing because you can do creativity at an extreme level in 3ds max the expert in 3ds max can also do animation and face modeling also. but you should require a deep knowledge of 3ds max to do things like this…

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