.Net is a platform which is developed by Microsoft in which we can develop system software using a GUI platform very easily and quickly with less time and less coding. There are two types of .net platforms namely web development platform and system development platform.

C# is the most trending language which is used in the .Net platform to make GUI applications while ASP.Net is the platform which is popular as C# but in the field of Web application development.

We can also say that.Net is a framework which is used to develop system applications as well as web applications.

Other than C# and ASP.Net Visual Basic or VB.Net is also a very popular programming language which is also used to develop system applications. .Net is an open source developer’s platform by Microsoft which is specially developed for the developers to provide them a lot of functions for their work.

Visual Studio is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) provided by Microsoft to the developers in which we can also work for the .Net. It is easy to learn and many companies are using the .net platform today.

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