Land Survey

Land Survey

A Land survey is an initial or primary activity which we have to perform before the execution of any engineering project.

A land survey can be defined as the scientific Process of measuring the dimensions of geographic points, angle b/w the irregular lines, horizontal distance, vertical distance of a definite area on the surface of land, During survey there are various physics and mathematical concept is taken in use, as because most of the precise calculation is taken in Co-ordinate land survey include many survey it itself, the various types of survey we as follow- table survey, claim survey, leveling, contour line survey, etc.

Through land survey three-dimensional surveys can also possible by calculating their distance b/w their axis, angle b/w them, and the position of a particular point.

The lands survey generally used to measure the level of a point through a common level point, vertical and horizontal distance, and the instrument used in the land survey are as follow- auto level, theodolite, dumpy level and the very latest technology we are using now a day is a total solution.

This equipment will provide you the result of many types of equipment through a piece of sing equipment. this single equipment will give you height, distance, and angle altogether.

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