GOOGLE SketchUp Training

Google Sketchup helps designer, architecture, engineer to start drawing with the help of lines and shapes. in this push and pull surface helps them to turn their sketches into the models quickly and more accurately, also sketch, rotate, copy and point to make anything the user wants. the characteristics of software called SketchUp is extended to the presentation of the model or projects using layouts feature in this software allows the users to add dimensions to it can create callouts of models, and graphics too. SketchUp helps the users as it is the time-consuming software because this change we made to our models created on SketchUp, will be automatically reflected in layouts, in this ways, it is time-consuming software for architect and other users.

this software was launched in 2000, in the month of August, the purpose to create this software is to have 3d content tools in a single software, which should be user friendly , means user can easily work over it , this software allows users to work with freedom, like modeling with a pencil, it will give you such types of comfort. the button is designed in this way so that they become user-friendly, SketchUp models are made up by two major geometry, first one is edges and the other is faces. the whole model is only created by these two geometrics only. at least we can say the much user-friendly software we have in current time is Google SketchUp.

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