ETABS Training

Extended three-dimensional analysis of building structure (ETABS) software is used for the analysis and design. The three-dimensional structure in an economical manner. It is produced by CSI inc. This software is more advanced as compare to Staad Pro. This software provides us the economical designing and analysis result because the user of staad pro software calculate is lesser than the all other designing software’s. The main characteristics of ETABS, which make it unique from other software is its detailing providing ability. In this software, we can make the work wise. The GUI is much easier than all other software’s, the steel design in more accurate and has more module of steel structures, which it can design such as – steel connection design. Taoist design, composite beam design, etc. The correct design we only can apply primary load such as dead or live, but primic, wind, spectrum, time history, all types of lateral forces can be applied on a structure simultaneously and it is capable to analyze the structure under so many loads as well. The analysis else work on combination method.

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