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CNC programming
It stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC programming software creates G-codes & M-codes that
runs on computer software and follow the instructions according to the program machine tool Runs and
controlled by a computer. Each and every unique part require its own CNC program.
CNC benefits include improved automation. Consistence & accurate work pieces and flexibility. CNC is
highly used in the manufacturing process and improves automation.
What is G-code?
G-code is the language used to control CNC Machine. It’s one type of CNC programming that CNC that
CNC programming use the other type is CAM programming. CAM programs will generate G-code from a
CAD drawing but the end result is still G-code.
Different method of CNC programming
CNC machines are programmed using one of three methods:
 CAM software
 Conversational programming
 G-code programming

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