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AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software program that enables the user to create 2D and 3D dimensional drawings. We improve performance and working capacity of all those who need to make maps and other sketches in their profession and used by Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, etc.

AutoCAD Electrical, one of the leading Electrical designing and Documentation software and Effective designing tool for creating Schematic, Panel Layout, PLC diagrams, and Reports. It is a normal AutoCAD with some features that support Electrical designers.

AutoCAD Electrical is used draft in Single line diagrams, Motor control circuits schematic, substation Schematic, Transmission grid schematic.

AutoCAD Electrical is a special software which is used by Electrical Engineers for designing Electrical panels, wiring system, control panels, and PLC I/O designs. Features of an AutoCAD Electrical as well as Pre-defined symbols, Symbol Builder, Automatic Wire numbering and renumbering, Automatic Component tagging and retagging, Automatic reports, Real-time error checking, Panel layout drawings, etc. Easily PCB designs in AutoCAD Electrical.

AutoCAD Electrical Training

AutoCAD Electrical design software is AutoCAD for electrical controls designers, purpose-built to create and modify electrical control systems. The comprehensive symbols libraries and tools help boost productivity by automating control engineering tasks.

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